D2S LUNEX Premium 8000K Xenon (Pair)
  • D2S LUNEX Premium 8000K Xenon (Pair)
  • D2S LUNEX Premium 8000K Xenon (Pair)


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  • 8000 K
  • Up to 80% more brightness
  • +15% more visible

Intense cool blue light

LUNEX Luxury Premium 8000K Xenon headlights feature an advanced technology which produces stylish blue tint. This is a bulb for connoisseurs who looking for cool blue hue which most people recognize as the expensive, elegant look. White-blue lights which enhance and improve the vehicle's vision as it reflects back with light blueness around the car.

High Quality Replacement Bulbs

High Intensity Discharge HID Xenon bulbs produce up to two times more luminous power than standard halogen bulbs, thereby improving driving safety in all conditions. HID headlights produce a whiter, brighter light than normal headlight bulbs, provide maximum visibility and safety. They last far longer than standard bulbs. The light they provide is more intense and offers a consistent, clearly defined beam.

• Lunex Bulbs are available in a three variations of colours, from pure white to blue tint. 

• Bulbs should be replaced in pairs to achieve 100% colour match, and to avoid colours difference. 

• Bulbs need up to 2-3 weeks get their maximum light performance. 

Brand Lunex
Product Code 91031
Power Input 35 W
Power Input Tolerance ±3 %
Nominal Voltage 85 V
Nominal Wattage 35 W
Test Voltage 13.5 V
Luminous Flux 3200 lm
Luminous Flux Tolerance ±15 %
Color Temperature 8000 K
Bulb Type D2S
Base P32d-2
Product Weight 16.00 g
Lifespan B3 1750 h
Lifespan Tc 2750 h

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