D2S PHILIPS X-tremeVision 4800K
  • D2S PHILIPS X-tremeVision 4800K
  • D2S PHILIPS X-tremeVision 4800K


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  • + 150% more vision
  • Pack of: 1
  • 42 V, 35 W

A premium driving experience with intense white Xenon effect

Xenon X-tremeVision gen2 bulbs are engineered with Philips Xenon technology for ultimate performance. Producing a longer beam and up to 150% more vision, X-tremeVision gen2 bulbs help you spot obstacles earlier, allowing you to react in time. And with improved peripheral vison, you'll have greater awareness of any dangers at the side of the road, such as pedestrians or upcoming junctions. Brightly illuminating every bump, curve and hazard in the road, these are headlamps to satisfy the most demanding drivers and the most demanding driving conditions.

Directing the light to the right spot in front of your car

It's not enough just to have powerful headlights; optical precision matters, too. The Xenon X-tremeVision gen2 bulbs have the most precise arc-bending technology aligned at 150-350 µm. This means they illuminate the road just where you need it, without dazzling oncoming driver

Brand Philips
Product Code 85122XV2C1
Nominal Voltage 85 V
Nominal Wattage 35 W
Luminous Flux 3200 lm
Luminous Flux Tolerance ± 450 lm
Color Temperature 4800 K
Bulb Type D2S
Base P32d-2

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