W5W PHILIPS 12V WhiteVision (Pair)
  • W5W PHILIPS 12V WhiteVision (Pair)
  • W5W PHILIPS 12V WhiteVision (Pair)


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  • Type of lamp: W5W
  • Pack of: 2
  • 12 V, 5 W

A premium driving experience with intense white Xenon effect

Outperforming any blue car bulbs on the market, Philips WhiteVision headlights are the right choice for drivers who want to drive with style without compromising on safety. With a high colour temperature and a stylish white cap, WhiteVision is the ultimate upgrade for your headlamps. The Philips-patented third generation coating technology is an evolutionary masterpiece making WhiteVision the first headlamp with a truly white light.

100% road legal, 100% intense white light

WhiteVision is ECE certified and the first road-legal intense white light. It gives you the ultimate visibility without compromising safety by dazzling the car in front.

Brand Philips
Product Code 12961NBVB2
Nominal Voltage 12 V
Nominal Wattage 5 W
Color Temperature 4500 K
Bulb Type W5W
Base W2,1x9,5d

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