D2S PHILIPS WhiteVision 5000K
  • D2S PHILIPS WhiteVision 5000K
  • D2S PHILIPS WhiteVision 5000K


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  • Ultimate White LED Effect
  • Pack of: 1
  • 42 V, 35 W

Ultimate white effect to match other LEDs on your car

Philips Xenon WhiteVision gen2 headlight lamps are the perfect choice for drivers who want a crisp white look for their headlights - similar to that of LEDs. With the same colour temperature as LED lights, Xenon WhiteVision gen2 is the ultimate upgrade for your xenon headlights.

More powerful light beam for enhanced vision

This powerful white headlamp provides you with more intense light. Philips WhiteVision gen2 features a high-performing light, providing up to 120% more vision compared with the legal minimum standard. The enhanced light improves your vision for greater control of your vehicle.

Brand Philips
Product Code 85122WHV2C1
Nominal Voltage 85 V
Nominal Wattage 35 W
Luminous Flux 3000 lm
Luminous Flux Tolerance ± 250 lm
Color Temperature 5000 K
Bulb Type D2S
Base P32d-2

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