• D3S OSRAM COOL BLUE 6000K (Pair)
  • D3S OSRAM COOL BLUE 6000K (Pair)
  • D3S OSRAM COOL BLUE 6000K (Pair)


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  • 6000 K
  • + 20% more light
  • Xenon Extra Blue

XENARC COOL BLUE INTENSE discover that modern look at high power! With its extra blue, high-contrast xenon light, this automotive lamp appeals especially to customers who like the perfect combination of stylish and individual design with exceptional road illumination

The high-tech xenon light with color temperatures of up to 6,000 Kelvin comes up with a highly efficient technology, brilliant effect and no-compromise design. Thanks to a special filling system which is used instead of conventional coating the lamp emits its extra blue light. This stylish light creates a high-attention effect that helps you to be better seen by other motorists. Discover the exceptionally bright, high-contrast and brilliantly blue light with up to 6,000 Kelvin and 20% more light!

Brand Osram
Product Code 66340CBI
Nominal Voltage 42 V
Nominal Wattage 35 W
Test Voltage 13.5 V
Luminous Flux 3200 lm
Color Temperature 6000 K
Length 80.00 mm
Diameter 9.00 mm
Bulb Type D3S
Base PK32d-5
Product Weight 63.00 g
Lifespan B3 2000 h
Lifespan Tc 3000 h

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