• H11 LUNEX PLASMA BLUE 4200K (Pair)
  • H11 LUNEX PLASMA BLUE 4200K (Pair)
  • H11 LUNEX PLASMA BLUE 4200K (Pair)


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  • + 80% more light
  • + 30 m more distance
  • Improved Safety

Headlights feature an advanced technology which produces stylish blue tint.
Blue lights which enhance and improve the vehicle's vision as it reflects back with light blueness around the car.
These are the bluest high quality halogen bulbs they provide up to 80% more light and create that HID Xenon look.

  • Up to + 30m more distance
  • Up to + 80% more light
  • No ECE confirmation / E-Mark – only off road use

Halogen Headlights

Superb quality in a reasonable price Lunex halogen bulbs produce up to two times more luminous power than standard bulbs, thereby improving driving safety in all conditions, provide maximum visibility. They last far longer than standard bulbs. The light they provide is more intense and offers a consistent, clearly defined beam.

  • Higher Efficiency
  • Brighter Light
  • Longer Life
  • Improved Safety

Unique patented packaging to ensure reliability of the product transport as per picture above. UV filter – extended the lifetime of bulbs - increase the life span. HQ UV Quartz Qlass is a very strong glass, resistant to extreme temperatures and vibrations, eliminating the risk of explosion. UV quartz glass emits a stronger, cleaner light. Simple to use, no need to change the lamp line and easy installation(plug in & replace stock light bulbs). Authenticity confirmation - QR code International warranty - 1 year High Quality Premium Replacement Bulbs


Bulbs should be replaced in pairs to achieve 100% colour match, and to avoid colours difference.

Brand Lunex
Product Code H11PLB
Power Input 55 W
Nominal Voltage 12 V
Nominal Wattage 55 W
Luminous Flux 1350 lm
Color Temperature 4200 K
Bulb Type H11
Base PGJ19-2

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