H4 PHILIPS VisionPlus (Pair)
  • H4 PHILIPS VisionPlus (Pair)
  • H4 PHILIPS VisionPlus (Pair)


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  • + 60% More visibility
  • Pack of: 2
  • 12 V, 60/55 W

Greater comfort and safety while driving

VisionPlus light bulbs allow you to shorten response time by recognizing obstacles and traffic signs earlier. Also the alloy lights are visible earlier thanks to a stronger light beam. This allows the driver to reduce the braking distance by 100 km / h by three meters. Lighting is essential for safe driving, and it is also the primary and only safety component that really helps prevent accidents.

VisionPlus lamps emit light 25 m longer than standard bulbs

Philips Vision Plus bulbs make the car emit 25 m longer than standard incandescent bulbs. Our lighting solutions produce a powerful and precise light beam with maximum power. We offer only the best and most efficient lighting solutions because we know that our high quality lighting can one day save a person's life.

Brand Philips
Product Code 12342VPC2
Nominal Voltage 12 V
Nominal Wattage 60/55 W
Bulb Type H4
Base P43t-38
Lifespan B3 400 h

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