H7 PHILIPS 12V Rally for off-road only
  • H7 PHILIPS 12V Rally for off-road only


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  • off-road
  • H7

H7 80W halogen bulb type Philips.

High-power light bulb, designed for the enthusiasts of car rallies. Produces light of exceptionally bright bundles and requires specialized installation in the car. This product is for off-road use only, not permitted on public roads. Philips is a well-known lighting manufacturer, offering original equipment and products for the secondary spare parts market. High quality quartz glass and modern materials and technologies make Philips lamps reliable and have excellent lighting performance. All products are continually inspected and meet stringent European standards. Currently, every second car leaving the production line in Europe is equipped with Philips lights.

Brand Philips
Product Code 12035RAC1
Nominal Voltage 12 V
Nominal Wattage 80 W
Bulb Type H7
Base PX26d

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