• PHILIPS LED Penlight Premium SILVER
  • PHILIPS LED Penlight Premium SILVER


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  • High Quality LED
  • 145 lm + 120 lm pointer
  • Robust Aluminium Housing

Wide beam angle: up to 90°

Philips Penlight Premium Gen2 has a beam angle of up to 90°, illuminating a large area to make your quick inspections more simple.

Defeat the darkness with soft natural light

Philips Penlight Premium Gen2 features powerful LEDs for an intense white light and a bright wide beam to defeat darkness. The wide beam of bright light is distributed evenly over the illuminated area, giving you the best possible overview and lighting up every detail with pinpoint precision. With a colour temperature of 6000 K, our LEDs produce a natural white light that's easy on the eye, improving visual comfort and reducing eye strain for fatigue-free working.

Brand Philips
Product Code LPL28RECHX1
Color Temperature 6000 K
Voltage 100-240 V
Beam Angle 80 degree
LED Lifetime 10 000 hrs
Light Output 145 lumen
Number of LEDs 5
Hook 80° swivel clip
Resistant to grease, oil, workshop solvents
Operating Temperature -10 to 50 °C
Wattage 5 W
Light output (pointer) 120 lumen
Beam angle (pointer) 15 degree
Battery charging time 2 hrs
Battery run time Up to 6 hours
Battery capacity 1200 mAh
Battery type Lithium
Charging cable type Micro-USB port

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